Friday, June 24

Strangely Soft Focus Supper

So everyone went out without me. Again. As usual, I took my revenge by having an awesome dinner all to myself. Take that, fun-havers!
Clams with pine-nut and garlic picada, oysters rockefeller, and home made french fries.
Not as beige as it looks cheese selection with super sticky onion relish.
Throw in half a bottle of pink wine, half a bottle of red wine, and a book about Caribbean politics in the sixties, you've got yourself a party. At least it's what I call a party. A very quiet party.


  1. Donaldson, you know how to par-tay. Were there any party bags?

  2. 'Fraid not Sammy dear. I did almost manage to cut my thumb off attempting to shuck a particularly stubborn oyster though. So that was good.