Thursday, July 8

Solo Celebration!

Today sees the end of that marvellous tyranny which has been my wife's Phd - congratulations Doc!
Naturally, this is cause for celebration, but unfortunately, I'm at home, on my own, all day. Not that that's enough to stop me. So, in honour of Lucy's big brain, I made some curry.

Onions, garlic and ginger are fried in butter, with turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Then some sliced tomatoes are chucked in, followed by some minced beef. That's all cooked gently for about half an hour under a lid, then some peas are thrown into the mix, then there's a bit more cooking while I rewind a video. The fabulous Savitri Chowdhary  suggests eating this keema with flat-bread and vegetable sides. I, being English, can't resist a bit of 'the usual' with my curry, so pile my plate with plenty of keema, alongside a mound of nice clean basmati rice, some wholewheat flatbread and of course a popadum or two. Then I sit and watch a documentary about Edward Said with my dog.
Who says I don't know how to party?

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