Monday, July 26

Sweet, sweet superfood...

I say potato, you say potatoe. You cannot spell.

Here is a delicious thing:

Scrub your sweet potatoes but leave the skin on. Cut ’em into big chunks. These were kind of unwieldy, but I like that. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and chili powder. Don’t be scared of the chili powder – it gets into the skin and gives a depth of flavor that I cannot begin to describe here. [Imagine licking a brick from a pizza oven.] Shake it all about and bang it in the oven for twenty minutes on hot. After twenty minutes, throw in a sliced onion, stir about, and leave for another twenty, twenty-five minutes.

Add fresh baby spinach. Washed. Thoroughly. Do you know how many bugs come out in the second rinse?

Crumble some feta. Never enough feta. And more pepper.

I forgot the kalamata olives, but boy would they have been good here.

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