Monday, January 24

Bristol Food Blogs

Since Knife 'n' Spork recently went all technological with a shiny new Twitter account, I thought it might be nice to say something about the nice people we have met (online) through it and share some of the nice Bristol-based Food blogs I have been enjoying as a result.

Blogging about food does seem to be a very popular past time, and in some ways it seems that blogging is an ideal way to share thoughts about food, partly because the internet is such a visual medium (cue lots of lovely pictures of food) and because it is such a democratic medium (anyone with access to a computer can set up a free blog in which to discuss food they have eaten - this is no longer exclusively the province of the newspaper food critic). Best of all, blogs about food present an opportunity to share a passion, and to share knowledge about all things foodie, especially local restaurants, events, markets and so on. We recently benefitted greatly from this local knowledge, as a recent evening out - to superb Bristol restaurant Flinty Red and elegant but out-of-the-way cocktail bar Whitelock & Grace (will be saying more about that trip soon!) - was inspired by local blogs, and then further encouraged by excited comments on Twitter. Strike one for the internet!

So, here is a very short list of some Bristol foodie blogs I have been enjoying so far (and I'm sure this list will rapidly grow, so look out for a follow up post at some point):

Plein Comme un Oeuf - loving the range of recipes (the picture of a cheese scone at the top of this post followed a recent recipe from here, though they weren't as elegant as hers!) and lists.

Bristol Bites - full of ace restuarant reviews and info about food-based deals around Bristol (I wish I could eat out as much!)

Essex Eating - foodie exploits, with recipes and reviews, with very funny accounts of both. Also is co-creator of the Montpelier Basement (surely a new year's resolution)- a new-ish supper club with a rapidly growing reputation - along with Elly of The Pear Cafe, whose posterous also has lovely recipes and some very mouthwatering photos!

There's also What's Hot in Bristol - excellent for local deals and recommendations (like this one of Whitelock and Grace - definitely an influence).

Thanks guys! Looking forward to finding more internet-based foodie peeps....


  1. Thanks for the mention, and great to connect with you on Twitter's proving to be a fantastic way to get to know fellow food-lovers in Bristol and beyond! :)

  2. I'm flattered that you read my blog and actually find my drivel funny. Thanks Lucy!

  3. Shucks. Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah! Go Twitter and its powers of connectivity! Whoop!

    Dan - anyone who can describe their reconstructing of scotch eggs as a 'triage system' has to be pretty funny....I think you can safely put your number of readers up to 4.

  4. Much enjoying the blog, we'll be checking back regularly - loving the ever expanding foodie network in Bristol ;)