Sunday, January 16

Scotch Eggs = Yes

So I was obviously going to call this post Scott's Eggs, but all joking aside, it just doesn't sound like something you'd want to eat, does it? Anyhoo, today I made some Scotch eggs for the first time. This was a recipe free event, guided only by the voices in my head, and what I thought seemed right. It's fair to say, they turned out pretty good. 
Hard boil some eggs, just long enough that the white won't fall apart when you crack them - about a 7 minute simmer. I did some some nice Free Range Burford Brown-shells,  as well as your standard Free Range Oganic Whites. Tasty food comes from happy animals.

Wrap each egg in some wonderful skin-healing sausage meat. I added plenty of salt pepper and thyme, but next go around will see more experimenting with mustard, and hopefully black pudding. 

Wrap 'em up, nice 'n' snug.

It's about this time that you'll want to make yourself some nice 'Meat-Goggles'. Don't hold back. You're worth it.

When they're all shapely, roll 'em in some plain flour.

Now you, or your glamorous assistant, can roll those bad boys around in plenty of bread crumbs. We found it best to wet your hands first, dampening the floured balls so you get a better crumb-to-stickyness ration. And yes, that is a technical term. I saw it in a maths book once.

They should now look a bit like this. Tempational.

As you can see from Ben's little man-paws, this isn't all hard work - it can be great fun too!

Once the little beasts are all crumby, put them in some hot-hot oil, and keep it all movin' around for a while.

Be careful not to set yourself on fire, but do cook them evenly. Once they're browning all over, after about 8 minutes, it's time to take those puppies out and let them dry off on some kitchen roll, or a nice thick tea towel if you're feeling wasteful. 

If you're as lucky as I was, they'll look as sexy-eggulitious as these.



No... Sorry.
And there you have it. I'd like to thank Ben for his assistance in the creation (and eating) of these tasty treats, and Emmett, for not biting my fingers off when he didn't get any.

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